About GigjobsCanada

The GigjobsCanada.ca website aims to provide an important service for the Gig work market in Canada. By helping provide resources for Gig workers beyond just an employment website, GigjobsCanada.ca is the only Canadian source to help Gig workers From our experience in the Employment Recruitment Industry in Canada, our research has shown there is not an all inclusive 1 stop National website and resource for offering Gig workers and Employers of Gig workers, a single platform for helping Gig workers provide job ready skills in a fast changing market. By allowing Employers and Gig workers to meet by 4 different methods or offerings, Gig workers are given the opportunity to pursue opportunities with: Gig – Flex – Project-based – Freelance, Gig workers can turn their ideas of how to contribute their interests and skills into a role which serves Employers by adding value, seeing outputs and experiencing the real world of people helping people. Our Job Seekers page offers and promotes a wide range of job vacancies that are listed by Employers who would like to encourage a greater number of applications from Gig Job Seekers. We are proud of Canada’s up and coming educated and skilled Gig workers and generation which believe that there is a method to help the Gig worker apply the experience they have. As diverse as Canada is, so are today’s Gig workers in Canada. In saying that, there are unique challenges for all Gig workers in Canada, many Gig workers find mainstream education and career guidance beneficial and are able to make the transition into the workforce effectively with traditional approaches. Canadian Employers and Non-Profit Organizations have the opportunity to post their; Gig – Flex – Project-based – Freelance jobs on one platform and allow for connections and future work relationships to be built for Gig workers by offering them an opportunity to prove GigjobsCanada.ca guiding principle; On the Ground / Real Life Experience = Real Employment Outcomes. GigjobsCanada.ca would like to promote opportunities for businesses that helps foster and create long-term benefits for the Gig Market in Canada. The site supports pro-active businesses that would like to work with Gig workers and Organizations who also support the Gig economy, Communities and businesses to develop sustainable business and job opportunities to increase Gig Employment in the long term. For further information please contact us now.