Turning Down a Job

During your job search you may be offered a job that is not particularly attractive to you. Before you turn it down instinctively, take a moment to think about if that is the best option.

There can be very real reasons as to why you don’t want a job-you cannot do the schedule they propose, or the location is too far away for you to commute to. If you feel the pay is too low reach out to the employer and ask about it. There may be wiggle room or other benefits. If you feel the position is too entry level for you, ask about opportunity for advancement. Ideally this conversation would have occurred during the interview but if not, reach out and request more information. Always be polite and frame your queries to mention how you want this to be a positive, long-term relationship and that you want to succeed in their company. If they seem reticent to answer or have a negative response, you may want to consider whether taking this position is best for you.

Not all jobs are going to be thrilling and lead you to your dream career. If the position you are offered seems boring or a side-step from your long-term goal it may not be worth your time. All jobs take a physical and mental toll and finding a balance and maintaining self-care are important to think about. On the other hand, “boring” or survival jobs will help you gain experience in the work force and add to your transitional or soft skills. You never know where your entry level, part time job may lead!

Regardless of the reasoning behind why you may want to turn down a job it is important to examine the pros and cons of taking the position. While it may be financially beneficial to be working, it is harder to job search and interview for other positions while holding a job. Learning new skills and adapting to your new schedule may take some time so your job search will have to take a break for at least a few weeks and your plan to take a job for a short period and find an awesome job on the side may not happen as quickly as you hope.

If you do feel that this position is not one that you are interested in and you wish to continue your search, ensure to remain professional in your contact with the company. It is not necessary to explain your reasoning as to why you are turning them down, just respond as quickly as you can, apologize and wish them luck in their search for a successful candidate.

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